Lift to Church Service

Need a lift to Church? Call Ian Gordon, Pastoral Care Convener on  01224 743397 or fill in this form.

Prayer Ministry

We believe that God hears and answers our prayers.  If you would like us to pray for you, please contact our prayer coordinator Anne Rodgers.

  • Contact Anne on 01224 743742
  • Or email

There is also a prayer request box at the entrance to the church.

All requests for prayer will be treated confidentially and will only be passed on to others to pray for you with your consent.

Hospital Visits

If you or a family member would like a visit when in hospital, then please contact us.  Alternatively, there are always chaplaincy staff available at the hospital who would be pleased to spend some time with you or your family.

A Problem Shared

Sometimes life presents us with difficulties or personal concerns.  Please know that you don’t have to carry these alone.  If you would like some time with the minister, Alisa would be happy to meet with you.